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Ahead of our Sky Bet Championship fixture against Brentford on Sunday 29th of September, we’re asking Reds fans, young and old to relive and share their most memorable Barnsley FC memories.

Whether it’s a moment of magic from the King, Ronnie Glavin, a rocket from Redfearn or perhaps a bizarre moment that you’ll never forget, we want to hear it.

Once submitted (and if suitable), your story will be featured either on the Barnsley FC website, or in the official match programme, BE RED, on Sunday.


Always a Red

I’ve been involved with this great Club for over 50 years. I’ve introduced my children and grandchildren to my Club and they love Barnsley FC as much as me.

Following the Reds for such a long time, it’s difficult to pick out one specific memory. Through Barnsley FC, I’ve met a number of inspiring individuals including alongside one of Barnsley’s greatest sons, Norman Rimmington, I’ve seen so many magical moments and had my fair share of embarrassing ones too!

But the one ‘moment’ that I’ll never forget is that final whistle against Bradford City in 1997. The feeling, it was just unbelievable. The town, the fans, the team, we were all one. I’ve never experience a feeling like it, and doubt I will again.

- Laurie Handley

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